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Slotspotter: The Greatest Casino Matching Service

The online casino universe is a rapidly evolving world filled with fun and excitement. To keep you up to speed with the latest events, Slotspotter delivers the complete package with all there is to know about new online casinos, bonuses and slots. With the help of our secrets from the casino industry and specialist knowledge, you’re bound to find your perfect casino match – the fun starts today!

Choose between top online casinos

The internet is filled with online casinos to pick from, to know where to begin can be quite the challenge. Fear not though, Slotspotter has got you covered with honest and impartial reviews written by experts, exclusive welcome bonuses, detailed information on game providers, payment methods and customer support. Get a quick overview by scrolling through our list of top casinos to find the ultimate casino match, perfect for you!

Without deposit0 €10 free spins
Deposit bonus100 €50 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €80 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €60 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €40 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €600 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €0 free spins
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Without deposit0 €10 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €0 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus150 €21 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €10 free spins
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Without deposit0 €0 free spins
Deposit bonus200 €250 free spins
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Get the essentials on the best slots online

Each week we examine an array of thrilling new slots released by the leading casino game developers. So whatever your slot preferences might be, Slotspotter is sure to have a review written by an expert on the subject. Using the search function or filter to list slots by category, RTP, developer, and volatility makes finding your new favourite game a breeze.

The best online casinos 2020 –

Top online casinos await you! You will find the latest reviews, the best deposit bonuses and online casinos offering free spins and free credits on our website. From years of experience in the iGaming industry, we have developed an exceptional talent for giving quality advice on the matter. Before we recommend or advertise any online casino, we make sure that the casino is thoroughly tested by our experts. Join us at Slotspotter and reveal which casinos grant the most generous bonuses at the moment and where you can play for free!

Gambling has been around for centuries, as humans evolved into a digital world, it was inevitable that casinos made a move to the internet as well. Ever since the first online casino was launched back in 1994, the selection of online casinos has been continuously expanding. Today, online casinos can be played from almost anywhere! Besides computers, the full online casino experience is available on tablets and even smartphones. Online casinos played on your smartphone is called a mobile casino. Online casinos offer their players an entertaining time of excitement where you can get proper rich!

Explore the best new casinos

Steaming fresh casinos always keep the iGaming industry on its toes. At Slotspotter, we provide you with full insight into the best new online casinos. Each casino has been thoroughly tested and proven to be officially licensed, safe, filled with slots, and generous with their bonuses. Make sure that you regularly visit our new casino top list to see the latest and hottest trends in online casinos.

Casino Bonus Offers, Free Spins & Slots

Slotspotter brings you recent information on what’s going on in the casino world. These include slots and games with the best odds, and casinos to play them. You will also find an elaborate collection of casino bonuses, bonus offers, casino news, and so on. You will find all the crucial information you require regarding online bonuses and casinos.

If you want to learn the top slots to play and the best online casinos to play them, you are in the right place. Slotspotter will offer you all the data you need. The casino information we provide varies. Some of these include the following:

  • How to get free spins and casino bonuses.
  • Where to get free spins and casino bonuses.
  • Where to play the leading slot games.
  • The casinos that provide the best no deposit bonuses, slots, and free spins.

On Slotspotter, you will find a massive collection of bonuses you can claim for yourself. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have them here. These range from no deposit bonuses to free spins bonuses, cashback, and cash bonuses. What’s more, it is easy to claim these bonuses. All you need to do is choose an online casino that suits you and find the available bonus offers in the casino. Next, you hit the claim bonus link, and a pop-up will redirect you to the online casino. Slotspotter has done everything to ensure this is as easy as possible. With the array of free spins and casino bonuses available, players can benefit from as many as they want. They can even play in new casinos every other day.

The Leading Casino Bonuses

Previously any punter in search of the leading casino offers had to do an extensive search. This included having to visit numerous websites to check what they were offering and find the top bonus deals. This is now a thing of a past as Slotspotter makes the process seamless. We have done all the hard work and provided the best casinos available. Also included are the free spins, no deposit bonus, and other bonuses they offer.

We always make sure our website is up to date. So when any offer changes, you will be the first in the loop to try it out. In addition to bringing you the maximum deposit casino bonus and casino offers, Slotspotter takes it a step further.

We align ourselves in a manner that new and recurrent players won’t have to go through the hassle of searching for casino bonuses alone. We research for you and update you frequently. Then, all that is left is for you to check out the website, select your most preferred bonuses, and start playing.

Mobile Casinos

Technology is continuously advancing, and this is evident in the online casino sector too. Now, players who enjoy casino slots and games can play on their mobile devices. Players need to understand that the majority of mobile devices can support casino games. Most of the online casinos offer their slots and games on their mobile applications and websites. If you would rather play via your mobile browser, all you require is a good internet connection on your device. Casino games come with sound and music that make the gameplay more fun. This means having an earphone or headset can help you enjoy this experience. All you need is a reliable internet connection to access all the casino news, free spins, and bonuses on our platform. If you want to play on your mobile device, you need to make sure your phone is powerful enough to handle the graphics. As an alternative, you can download the mobile app of your favourite casino. The majority of the casinos on our list come with mobile apps for IOS and Android. Once you download the app, all you need to do is register and log in. Many of the welcome bonuses offered by these casinos are also applicable if you register on mobile tablets and phones. If you are lucky, the casino you sign up for on mobile may be one of those that offer more to mobile users.

Enjoy Casino Slots for Free

If you want to try out a slot first before playing for real money, Slotspotter has you covered. This is understandable as many players tend to do it. The aim is to determine if they like the odds and the slots game itself before they invest their hard-earned cash.

You can play online slots for free and read extensive slot reviews on Slotspotter. Many online casinos will allow you to try out slot games for free before you register. Casinos do this so players don’t feel they must leave their details before deciding which slot to play for real money.

Note that there are two major methods of playing online casino slots for free. One option is to play on affiliate websites that provide you with access to casino games without requiring registration. These websites tend to have an extensive game collection like Slotspotter. However, these websites may not offer you as much as the casino site of the slot.

The other option you have is to play at an online casino free play using free spins bonuses. You can enjoy free spins bonuses on all the casinos we have on this site. You can also use free spins you get from playing a specific online slot.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are very common in online casinos. This is ideal for players who want something close to what they would find in land-based casinos in the aspect of interaction.

However, choosing the platform to play may be difficult. So, how do you go about it? Splotspotter has an extensive list of websites that we believe offer you the best. This is in terms of offerings and bonuses to players. All that’s left for a player is to choose which of these casinos they like best and play.

One of the best ways of choosing a casino to settle for in our list is checking the number of games they provide. Online casinos that offer live casino games with bonus offers are the most popular options for players.

Roulette Online

Live roulette is another favourite for many players who enjoy playing in live casinos. Players can play this on an automated live roulette table or play physical live roulette.

Many online casinos offer this game on their website, and Slotspotter has also put together a list of the best. From afar, it is difficult to determine if a casino offers roulette online, so its best to check out the website to find out.

Like all other games, some free spins and bonuses come with roulette on the website. Don’t forget to use them to your advantage. Many people believe roulette is not an easy game. However, practising consistently will make you better and increase your chances of winning.

There are many roulette variants, so you will need to practice each of them if you truly want to improve.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack is another game that players can’t do without playing in an online casino. Many countries have their variants of this game, so you may spot more than one variant at casinos. Like roulette, you will need to practice more to improve your skills.

If you love to play blackjack online, you may be happy to learn that majority of the websites on our list have this game. To get the platform that best suits your need, its best to check out the websites listed on Slotspotter with live casino games. Then, check out the version of blackjack they offer on their website. Those who enjoy other variants of this online casino game can also find the varieties on the websites listed.

Play Poker Online

Poker is another extremely popular casino game among punters. Like many other popular games, poker comes with different variants that you can choose from. A few of them include:

  • Texas Hold ’em
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Omaha Hi
  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • 7-Card Stud
  • 5-Card Draw

All the sites on our platform offer these variants, so all you need to do is choose your favourite one. Constant practice will make you better than you are right now, so don’t forget to play constantly. Many of the casinos on Slotspotter will also let you play for free. You can use this as a way of practising and a better understanding of the game. Some of the casinos on our list also offer amazing bonuses when you play poker. So, check out the casino that offers the bonus you find most suitable before you make a choice.

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