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Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is one of the many slot games that can keep you on the tip of your toes. If you love Tu's Twister, then this game is one you will enjoy. In this slot, you will spend a lot of time in the land of gods such as Anubis and Horus. There are lots of mysteries associated with the gods in this game. These mysteries have a lot of different stories. Regardless of what stories you believe, you will come to appreciate mythical knowledge after playing this game. So, are you ready? Let us begin.

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  • Release Date
  • Provider
  • Type
  • RTP
  • Max. win
  • Volatility
  • August 2017
  • Yggdrasil
  • Video slot
  • 96.2%
  • 5800x
  • Medium

Our opinion

  • Beautiful graphics
  • 5800x max win
  • Thrilling gameplay
  • Average RTP
  • No Jackpot


  • Bet level
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • Bonus
  • Free spins
  • Jackpot
  • 0.25 - 100 €
  • 5
  • 3125
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No

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The Gods Love Beauty Too

As an Egyptian themed slot, Valley of the Gods contains 45 to 3,125 ways to win, five rows, and five reels. Also, accompanying Valley of the Gods is a soothing spiritual soundtrack, which is very striking.  Although it is not the only slot game with a cool soundtrack, this slot game’s soundtrack is immersing. As soon as you hear the soundtrack, even before you begin playing the game, you are sure to feel like you are in the world of immortals.
In addition to this soundtrack are top-notch graphics. Due to its features, Valley of the Gods has come to stay.

This slot might not have a very novel theme. Nonetheless, the game, in its entirety, was properly planned. The attention to detail in this game covers up for its theme.

How to Play

Just like other slots by the creators of this game, Valley of the Gods has a focus. This slot focuses on discovering the sects located in the book of the dead. It involves a long journey with popular deities acting as guards.

In this journey, you must follow the sacred Scarab beetles that are a symbol of the life of the Sun God Ra! When you play this game, you can take hold of extra lives in the Valley of The Gods. Doing this will help the gods take off the mystery blocking the screen.

Valley of the Gods Gameplay Screenshot

This slot game has a vibe to it that makes one feel quite immortal when playing. If you are looking to experience the sacredness associated with gods, you can play this game on your mobile device.

Who Else Are You Going to Find?

As you play this game, you will come across different symbols on the reels. Some of the symbols you should expect are Tutankhamen (the boy king), Horus, Anubis (god of the dead), and Bastet (cat goddess).
While the various symbols are associated with cash prizes, you will get the biggest cash prize with Anubis and Horus. These cash prizes are sometimes up to 20x the amount you betted. In this game, there are many ways to win. Although these wins are a handful, they are usually not huge.

Nonetheless, there are big wins now and then. You can play with as little as 0.25€ and as much as 100€. Regardless of the amount you put into playing, you stand a chance of winning up to 580,000€.

Valley of Gods RTP

Valley of Gods has different levels. You are free to select the spin level that you find to be interesting. After selecting a spin level, you can target hitting the jackpot with an RTP level of 96.2%. It does not matter what device you have; you can conveniently play this game. That’s not all. Its volatility level is mid-high, and it has a hit-rate of 22.8%. The implication of this is it is excellent for people that love getting excited.

Furthermore, it is associated with enormous wins for those who have the gods on their side. This game has a considerable win percentage, making it a great game if the gods smile upon you. You do not have to be rigid with your betting as there is a betting range that ranges from 0.25€ to 100€.

Regardless of what level you are on, you get to enjoy lots of betting potentials on Valley of God. Nonetheless, your spin size is an excellent determinant of what your payout will be

What Are the Features of Valley of the Gods?

The Valley of God slot offers you many amazing features which include:

Win Multipliers: If you successfully deal with all 12 blockers, you will enjoy a x2 win multiplier. X1 boosts this multiplier as you collect a blue scarab. After being boosted, it is made a part of the next re-spin.

Lives Boost: You get a free life after collecting five red scarabs. This gives you the opportunity of re-spinning when on a losing spin and get more immortal wins.

Bonus Blocker: With the existence of winning spins, you can always get your traditional payouts. The winning spins can do this because they give out a golden scarab that takes away a reel blocker at a time. If you successfully take away all the 12-reel blockers, the scarab beetles become blue or red. Also, you harvest them for the multiplier and live features.

Free Response: With each winning spin comes a free re-spin. If you do not lose, you can keep enjoying re-spins.

You can play with as little as 0.25€ and as much as 100€. Depending on the amount you put into playing, you stand a chance of winning up to 580,000€. 

Valley of the Gods Conclusion

Many slots focus on the same theme. However, the Valley of the gods is different as it offers some unique features. On the downside, it may be extremely frustrating to get a winning streak. This tends to take time, but if you can land it, the rewards make up for the stress.

However, you need to note your balance because although the gods are generous, they can punish you too. If you want something that offers a breath of fresh air, this is certainly a slot worth trying.

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Valley of the Gods
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